I was born in Old Hill, just south of Dudley, in the heart of the Blackcountry.
It’s now called the West Midlands but then it was part of Staffordshire and famous for it’s industry: chain and nail making in the backyards of the terraced houses.
I spent my youth there and only moved away to take my 11 plus and live in Birmingham, where I went to Grammar school.


Even in junior school I had the ability to paint and make things, but at Grammar the few of us who actually enjoyed Art were given free reign to explore the subject and do our own thing.
I wanted to be a film cameraman when I left school, but it wasn’t a profession that any of the career advisors knew anything about, so I left my A levels and went to work in a bookshop in the center of Birmingham.
I discovered the joy of reading books.

1975 Solo Exhibition at Cranes, Liverpool.
1976 Solo Exhibition at Crosby Library, North Liverpool.
1978 Film project “ Selina Hughes”, and various short films at The Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool.
1983 Solo Exhibition at Haverfordwest Library, Pembrokeshire.

It was only when I moved back to the West Midlands in 1986 that I started to have regular shows and produce a quantity of work for exhibition. Until 1993 this was mostly *two*-dimensional. When I moved to Herefordshire I discovered stone and my work has moved to being mostly *three*-dimensional.

Probably the most important turning point was the Messengers show in Machynlleth during September of ’93. This established my style of work and gave me the confidence to make more artwork rather than relying on the hand made greeting cards that had formed the bulk of my income for fifteen years.


1997 ‘FROM THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN KNIGHT Solo exhibition at the Silk Top Hat Gallery. For more information and photos see from the legend of the golden knight

1999 ‘STONEWITHSTANDING’ Joint installation/exhibition with artist Pat Macrae at the Old Mayor’s Parlour, Hereford. A show consisting of sculptures, paintings and an installation of Bamboo, poetry and stone.

2000 ‘CREATURA’ Solo exhibition at the Silk Top Hat Gallery. ‘ANGELS AND MINISTERS OF GRACE Sculptures shown at the summer exhibition at the Bleddfa Centre.

2003 “JUST GO STRAIGHT ON” Installation/exhibition with writer  Christine Watkins and film maker  Richard Urbanski, based on the life and works of Alfred Watkins.
See just go straight on for more information and photographs on this Installation.

2013 “AN ALCHEMY OF STONE Installation/exhibition at Hereford Museum and Art Gallery
An Alchemy of Stone

2016 “Stone in the Blood” Illustrated and co-written fantasy novel, based on the Isles of Scilly.