Two Hares
Forest of Dean stone

Green Man Figure
Forest of Dean stone

Both of these carvings will be shown at this year’s RHS at Malvern, in May2018

Portland stone 54cm high

Elemental Woman

Afrocelt mask
Licolnshire limestone

Buddha mask
Lincolnshire limestone

Celtic wild boar
Licolnshire limestone

Wild boar in pencil

Coiled mermaid
Lincolnshire limestone

Green man
Ancaster stone

Archangel Michael

Girl with pigtails
Red sandstone

Warrior on horseback

Angel head 1
Portland stone

Woman with her hands behind her back

The dancer
Ancaster weatherbed stone and glass

I have recently been experimenting with glass and stone combined.
The way that light is so important to both materials fascinates me. I like the idea of merging one dense medium with another consisting of transparent surfaces, both of which react to their surroundings in very different ways.
I’m not a “ cut glass “ kind of person but the thickness of the type I’ve used pleases me because it shows that greeny blue depth to the glass.
My designs are sandblasted onto the surface, sometimes front and back, then the stone and glass are fixed together.
I hope the effect echoes the kind of simplicity that I try to achieve in my more traditional sculptures.

Ancaster weatherbed stone and glass

Paintings and sculptures from an exhibition entitled Erroneous Saints
at the Silk Top Hat Gallery, Ludlow in 2009