A new way of viewing my sculptures online – by watching a small movie.
Please click on the next two images to view the movies.

VIGIL – a Mother and child carving in sandstone.

OUR CHILD – a family group in Ancaster stone

Portland stone

These are a series of small sculptures, inspired by last year’s trip to France.
They are plaster carvings, treated with paints and glazing medium. The pieces are mounted into stone or wood.

Magical Hare
Forest of Dean stone

St Francis
Forest of Dean stone

Born with wings
Cotswold stone

Mermaid 1
Forest of Dean stone

With child 9-11
Portland stone
This piece was started on the day the Twin Towers fell.
It became my way of working through what had happened.

Protector of the birds

Ambient Head 2
Scottish sandstone

Green Man 1
Forest of Dean stone

Green Man 2

Green Man 3
Forest of Dean stone

Two Green men
Forest of Dean stone

Four garden pieces
Forest of Dean stone
A summer exhibition at Pembridge

Pod and leaf
Ancaster stone

Pod 2
Green Horton stone

The wooden flute 1
Portland stone

The wooden flute 2
Licolnshire limestone
On view at The Old Chapel Gallery,

The Guitarist
Ancaster stone

Frog 1
Forest of Dean stone

Two Heliotropes
Forest of Dean stone and glass

With Child 2
Ancaster hard white stone